Thursday, April 24, 2008

Book Getting Some Attention

Well things are looking good today. I will have my first book signing on May 31, 2008. I hope to sell some books so we can start giving back. I have some reporters that seem interested as well. If I can get the story out about this man and help save one woman it will be worth it. Oh yeah, I have had over 16,000 hits to my website. The website was established before the book was published so not many book sales but it is a start. It is all about getting George exposed for who he is. I will have another email blast going out next week so maybe I can sell some books then. Remember the power of one! You tell one person and that person will tell someone and so on. Tell one person that is all I ask.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The beginning

I believe that I have a story that you will be interested in. My mother was involved with George W. Dumstorf for over 20 years. He now lives just above Tampa Fl. She was married to him for over 15 years. During the marriage my mother and I discovered that this man was a bigamist and tried for almost a year to get the courts to convict him on Bigamy charges. We had substantial proof that he was still married to his first wife but we could not win. He claimed to work for NASA, Department of Defense and the CIA. This helped to account for the days he would be away from home. My mother was forced to divorce him in 2000 due to the courts lack of conviction and we never thought that he would get caught.

In 2004 we find that George Dumstorf has married once again. He married his divorce attorney! In 2006 she files for annulment when she discovered he was still married to his first wife. In November, 2006 Dumstorf is arrested on Bigamy charges in Bay County, Florida. To date we are still awaiting a conviction. This is not the end. We discover that he has been involved with another woman since 1986.

While waiting for him to go before a jury of his peers for the bigamy charge we find out that he has been arrested on bank fraud in November, 2007. According to an indictment unsealed Jan. 3, 2008 in U.S. District Court in Louisville, Ky. Dumstorf allegedly passed counterfeit certificates of deposit to Stock Yards Bank & Trust Co. as collateral for $850,000 in loans.

George used my name and identity in his scams to get money from these women. One woman has been left with nothing. I have written a book about this man The Man In The Moon.

If you would to comment about this man by all means do.