Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well it looks like George has been moved to another facility. He is now located in Florida at the
CCM Orlando Community Corrections
6303 County Rd
Wildwood, FL 34785
The latest update is that George will be released on August 25, 2010. Lucky him. Once again he does not even have to do the full time for his crimes. I will never understand our justice system. I am sure that he has not changed, it is not his character to admit that he has done wrong or hurt so many people in his life. I do believe that one day, he will truly get what is coming to him. God does not forget......


Anonymous said...

George was released from prison on Saturday September 26th 2010.

He is still on probabation for 5 years. He will probably go right back to conning women. Still, there are many factors that should make things more difficult for him.

Dumstorf LLC in Florida is really a mess. George lost a good deal of the corporation in a legal case. The Florida secretary of state is examining Dumstorf LLC. And the IRS is tracing back taxes.

George is now an admitted liar and thief. He is a convicted bigamist and theif. He is old now.

Anonymous said...

Technically, George Dumstorf was released from CCM Orlando on September 24th 2010. "He has five years supervision with U.S. Probation in Tampa." (source e-mail from the Federal Bureau of Prisons).

One wonders if anyone picked him on his release date. Is he living in half-way house? Or is he back in that trailer he rented from
Sharon Tondreau? (21818 Hardcastle Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34610)

Sharon is still listed as an officer of Dumstorf LLC in Florida. Of all the women that George has conned over the years, Sharon has access to the most information about George. Yet she still allows him to use her. Scary.

My mother has reported George's fraud to the IRS. At some point he was being sued by his family for stealing money from his mother's estate.

Just google George Dumstorf and you turn up newspaper stories, YouTube videos, FBI indictments. So information about George is out there. That might make it less easy for him to continue finding women to steal from. George started to make serious mistakes and to draw attention to himself, which is never good when you are a criminal.

Steven Jones