Wednesday, November 19, 2008

George Pleads In Court

It seems as though George wins once again. On Friday November 14, 2008 George asks the state attorney of Bay County Fl to put the plea that had ran out on November 12, 2008 back on the table. The state attorney agreed and took it before the Judge on Monday November 17, 2008. The judge agreed. George pleaded no contest. He did not admit guilt! Of course he wouldn't according to the life of George he has never done wrong. He has never hurt anyone. He was sentenced to 27 months to be served at the same time he his serving his sentencing for bank fraud. He will not have to do any extra time for this crime. The state attorney stated that Florida would not have to go through the expense of a one day trial and the state would receive a conviction. Also, the state does not have to pay for his housing for the next 27 months since he will be serving his time in the Federal Prison and not in a State Prison. No one was allowed to speak to the judge. No one was allowed to let the judge know who this man really is. Is this true justice for the women he has hurt and conned? You make that decision. I think not.
The St. Pete Times did an article on the story today if you would like to view the story click on the link to go there

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Anonymous said...

I must say that we were also disappointed in the plea bargain in the Bigamy trial. Of course, he is guilty. And now he has been found guilty of two felonies in two separate states. His name and picture have been in the press. His family now knows what kind of monster he is. That should make it more difficult for him to keep scamming others.

Of course he will continue to try. It is all he knows how to do.

Nice work with the blog Valerie. It is still very strange to see your name. George sent us e-mails using your name (Captain Valerie Gaines) for years.
I am glad that we spoke that evening on the phone. It was important for you to know that we had no idea what a crook George was.

Steven Jones