Tuesday, November 4, 2008

George Sentenced In Kentucky On Bank Fraud

Well, it was a very interesting and emotional day on October 31, 2008 in the Federal Court room in Louisville, Ky. Myself, brother and Martha Weed attended the sentencing. Also there was Stephanie and Chip two of George's children. I do believe that George was shocked when he entered the court room and saw me sitting there. After the attorney's and the judge met behind closed doors it was determined that myself and Martha were allowed to speak to the court about George. Below is what I stated.
Your Honor I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak today.

I have known George Dumstorf for over 30 years. My Mother Judy Howell began dating George Dumstorf in the mid 1970’s and then they were married from December 1984 to March 2000 while he was still married to his first wife Stephanie Dumstorf.

George Dumstorf is a man that has hurt and lied to many people in his life including my family. I know that he is being sentenced today because he defrauded the Stock Yard Bank, but your honor he also defrauded my mother. He convinced her to purchase cd’s from Kennedy Space Center as well for thousands of dollars. He also convinced other women of doing the same. These women have lost their homes and even have had to return back to work at a time when they should be looking at retirement.

George Dumstorf also stole my identity and portrayed me as an officer in the United States Airforce. He used my identity to assist him in stealing money from these women. George Dumstorf told them I worked with him at the same time he was impersonating a General in the United States Airforce. This hurts me dearly for the fact that I have a son currently serving in the United States Army today.

I am urging you to give George Dumstorf the maximum sentencing that the law allows for what he has done. He should have to spend the rest of his days thinking of what he has done to so many people. If he states to this court that he is sorry for his actions, it will be a lie. George Dumstorf has never shown remorse for anything in his life. As he once stated to me, he will never get caught, please prove him wrong. Please have him start serving his sentencing immediately because I fell he is a flight risk and has the means to run. You may or may not know that he is currently going to jury trial in Bay co. Fl for Bigamy on Nov. 17, 2008. This man has proclaimed to be an officer in the military, that he worked for the CIA, that he received an MBA from Indiana University, that he has fought in the Iraqi war and that he works for NASA. You can not trust him or his words your honor.
Thank you for your time.

After I spoke Martha was allowed to speak.
The judge then began to speak about the agreement that the attorney's worked out on his sentencing. It was at that point that I realized they had made a deal of 27 months and pay $850,000 restitution to Stock Yard Bank. I was livid at that point. George is facing 33 years and that's what they deal out! The judge then asked George if he had anything to say to the court and he stated that he hoped he took the agreement of 27 months. The judge replied if that was all he had to say and George stated that as he told the judge previously that he was sorry. Yeah, right! Any way the judge went with the 27 months and George will serve the time in Federal prison in Tampa, Fl. George has until Dec. 1, 2008 and then better show up at the U.S Marshall's to begin his sentencing. George requested to not to start serving his time until after the first of the year but the judge denied it.

We can only hope now that he receives the full 5 years in a state prison in Florida when convicted for Bigamy the week of Nov. 17, 2008.

If you would like to read the article that was in the Louisville paper on Saturday Nov. 1 about the sentencing follow the link http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20081101/NEWS01/811010427/1008/NEWS01

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Anonymous said...

The deal was based on the federal sentencing guidelines. The judge made a big show in the pleading (where George Dumstorf admitted guilt on the bank fraud charges) of stating that he was not bound by the plea bargain. But the reality is that judges tend to stand by plea bargains. If they did not, then criminals would not bother entering into plea bargains because they would have no faith that they would be honored.

Still, I agree that the judge should have increased George's sentence based on the fact that George made a habit of conning others, not just banks, with his fake CD scheme. My mother was scheduled to attend the sentencing, but when they switched the dates, she could not make it. She sent a letter to prosecutor who gave it to the judge.

It was great to be able to read what you said in court here on the blog. I had heard that you testified and wondered what you said. (I will of course, read the transcript.) You never know, judges have a way of remembering things like this. And they have connections with law enforcement.

But we all know not to get our hopes up when it comes to George and justice...

Steven Jones